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"Dave was recommended to me as a professional builder who provided a reliable and efficient service and was a great project manager - and it was all true!  When we bought an apartment in The Chapel in Mevagissey in spring 2012 we quickly realised that we had taken on a big job, most rooms needed replastering, the whole place needed repainting, the windows all needed repairing and the kitchen and bathroom needed a refresh.  As we were managing this from a distance we required so much more than a builder, we needed a person we could trust to make decisions, with an eye to our budget, whilst sticking to a demanding schedule as we wanted to let the property from the summer.
We also needed someone who had good local contacts with other skilled tradespeople and could manage them on site and pull them into the job as required.
Dave was able to combine all these skills and I am pleased to say completed our work on time, to budget and to the high quality of finish we demanded.  Since the initial work Dave has undertaken many other small jobs for us and is soon to replace several huge windows at the front of the property. I can't recommend his work highly enough."

Kate Head

"It is my pleasure to write this unsolicited letter of recommendation on behalf of Dave Rescorl.  Dave was the general contractor for a renovation project on the exterior and interior of my house In Roche, Cornwall between May and September, 2012.  I had no prior relationship or knowledge of Dave, whom I stumbled across in the local Roche Parish magazine advert.  It’s always a pleasure to use local contractor’s.
The scope of the renovation involved was considerable as the House in question,which is over 100 years old, with 2 stories was basically gutted.  I under took the painting and wallpapering of the House and Dave and his contractors did just about everything else. I had a very tight budget and came in just over due to his very realistic prices.
As a rundown, Dave Plastered walls and ceilings, fitted a whole kitchen from flooring to installation and lighting.  He did the whole Bathroom from floor to ceiling.  He hung new doors throughout the house.  He did Carpentry work in the kitchen and living room. He did the plumbing. He fitted and replaced a double window glazed unit. Whilst outside he cleaned and cleared guttering and checked the roof.  Repaired some flashing around an outside window.
While major remodelling is inherently stressful for almost any home owner, Dave’s services as a general contractor were invaluable, and I am extremely pleased with the final result, and it was not stressful at all,it was actually a pleasure.

I would give Dave top marks in the following areas:
Quality of work performed.
1. The quality of work done was consistently top notch.  Dave used subcontractors who were knowledgeable, skilled, and competent in their respective trades. They were conscientious about following project specifications.

2. Quality of work by Sub contractors.
The workmen whom Dave utilized were professional, reliable, courteous, and respectful of the home owner’s property. They emphasized getting the job done right rather than doing it fast. Their pride in their work was evident. They tidied up at the end of each workday. I also found them to be trustworthy. Dave had the key’s to my property through out. I found Dave to be very trust worthy and reliable. And he concentrated solely on my job, unlike some stories you hear of where the Builder has several other jobs on the go.

3. Project management and coordination.
Dave’s prior experience really paid off.  He was knowledgeable about all aspects of our project, and was able to plan, coordinate and manage the activities of different sub-contractors effectively. He remained closely involved in overseeing the project from start to finish. His excellent attention to detail, strong organizational skills and commitment to follow-through are assets which enabled him to juggle the extensive details involved in our project without missing a beat.

4. Integrity and professionalism.
Throughout the project, I was impressed with Dave’s commitment to generating a top quality product, rather than maximizing his profit margin.When situations arose where extra work needed to be done ,because of hidden problems that were not apparent until work on the house had commenced, Dave (if it was relatively minor) took care of it without charging me extra, as in the replastering a portion in the Bathroom.

5. Effective communication.
Dave kept me closely informed of work and projected completion dates of different phases of our project. His communication was always clear, informative, and helpful. He was either available on his mobile phone, or returned my phone call’s very quickly. We never had a single miscommunication throughout the entire project. His communication with the work sub contractors was just as effective.

6. Flexibility and effectiveness in dealing with unexpected developments.
When unforeseen problems surfaced (e.g., a leak on the kitchen ceiling that was coming in from outside), Dave worked diligently to identify the problem and resolve it swiftly.

7. Truth in advertising.
In his quotations, Dave gave a clear breakdown of costs for each facet of the project. His quotations was just as detailed in describing the work to be done and the itemized costs.  Which was a great plus for my budgeting, as I was able to keep track at all times.

9. Value.
I had solicited three bids for my renovation project. One was speaking in telephone numbers, way out of my budget, and the other and Dave’s were quite close, But I am absolutely convinced that he delivered the best value (in terms of the work done) for the price.

10. Sensitivity to work site appearance and neighbour relations.
Dave and his sub contractors parked their vehicles in ways that were not disruptive to the neighbours or neighbourhood, and their conduct never caused any discomfort to our neighbours. In the weeks during this project, there was not one single neighbour complaint! Instead, various different neighbours way laid Dave and team for quotes of their own as they had obviously observed how hard working and professional they were.

In closing, I am very pleased with the final product which Dave was instrumental in delivering, and I am extremely impressed with his work as a general contractor and Carpenter.  In a world where shoddy workmanship and poor service are unfortunately all too common, Dave is indeed a rare find.  I have been a home owner for over 30 years, and I took this unprecedented step of writing a letter of recommendation for Dave because I believe that exceptional work should be recognised. I would not hesitate to hire Dave again, or to recommend him to my friends and neighbours. I recommend Dave Rescorl to you most enthusiastically, and without any reservations.
If you have any questions about my experience with Dave, please feel free to call me on the above number."

Gabrielle Hassan

I have spent many hours speaking to people about my renovated property.

To... Locals about what a good job "the boys" have done.

To... Visitors, many who are regulars and saw it in it's previous state, all being so impressed that they have to pass comment.

To... Family and friends who are similarly impressed by the interior and the workmanship.

Dave was very attentive and patient, always responding to any calls, texts or emails very promptly. After a meeting with him I would often spend a sleepless night going over what had discussed, have further questions and often change my instructions.

I think I asked for a few things outside of what might be classed as the normal but it was a case of, you say what you want and I'll do it. My feelings are that he is also please with the final product... my design... his (and his team's) hardwork in a difficult location on a very narrow road, on a hill with no parking.

Margaret Billingham (Foam Edge Mevagissey)

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